Defeat of the fourth The team led by Jorge Gordillo lost against Estudiantes 1-0 in the first round of the qualifying stage.

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River started the match approaching dangerously of rival goal, but with the passing of the minutes, cost him settle on the field before the siege of Estudiantes.The team led by Jorge Gordillo started with a shot by Claudio Salto from door area in the two minutes which contained the keeper, down, on the right post.

July Zúñiga after 10 minutes, made a low center into the penalty area but his shot went high. From there, the visitor team grabbed control of the ball and River cost escape from the pressure of the other team, which had the clearest at 15, when Ozuna broke through between the lines and staying alone with Ramón Velasco, who came quickly and he avoided the collapse of its fence.

In the second stage, the cast of Gordillo overtook in the field and showed superiority, but struggled to transform that dominance into clear scoring situations.Zuniga tested from the outside at 5, but the ball went wide, near the right post of goalkeeper.

But at 31, Carreras shot down a forward of Students who overflowed by left and went in front of goal and the referee gave penalty, which Ferretti changed goal.Bazzana was able to increase the advantage with a header that went just high.

At 40, River was able to equalize after a overflow of Carreras, who sent a cross to Gavin De Niese and headed over the crossbar.But while he bent the court in the final minutes, he could tied and the qualifying stage began with a defeat by the minimum difference.

Formations of the teams

River: Ramón Velazco, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Franco Federico, Pablo Carreras, Dante Morán Correa, Alexander Barboza, Claudio Salto, Gavin De Niese, Ezequiel Villanueva, Tomás Andrade and Julio Zúñiga.
students: Sappa, Bazzana, Medina, Pezza, Massaccesi, Ferretti, Tifner, Ruíz Díaz, Luna, Grasso, Ozuna.

Changes: Emiliano Reyes by Morán Correa, Nicolás Franco by Andrade and Joaquín Serragoby Zúñiga.
students: Cabrera by RuízDíaz, López by Grasso and Areal by Luna.

By Sergio Bogochwal.