The Fifth share points with Estudiantes The team led by Claudio Viscovich drew 1-1 with the team from La Plata. Nicolas Godoy, a penalty, scored for the "millionaire".

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The defending champions start was not good. Within two minutes, Lattanzio escaped down the right and his own in NahuelCajal.He defined shooting with the instep and the ball went halfway up, at the far post.

In the subsequent minutes, the team from Plata was able to expand the score, but the lack of efficacy prevented get the second goal.A free kick interrupted by Cajal and a ball cleared by Leandro Cirino were the clearest.

However, on 19 minutes, Ventos filtered through the left corner of the penalty area and was fouled.The referee called a penalty and Nicolas Godoy made a goal by defining with left foot crossed.

The party entered a plateau with River trying but was crashed with the defensive of the team from La Plata city. When closing the initial stage, Lattanziowas sent off for a second yellow after a “plancha” on Cajal.

Despite the numerical advantage, Students was closer to the goal in the first leg of the second half, but lacked precision in the final meters. When there were 10 minutes, Arellano received a second yellow.In Equal conditions, the cast led by Claudio Viscovich attacked lateralized the game and adding people on offense. But the visit team closed in the back and held on the tie.

Anyway, students could leave with all three points on the hour. But he failed because of two major interventions of Cajal. First by deflecting a precise free kick that could make it in left corner but hit the crossbar.And then, by containing a powerful shot from outside the area. Thus, the defending champion joined a unit in his 2015 debut in the qualifying stage.

Formations of the teams

River: Nahuel Cajal, Gonzalo Montiel, Agustín Casco, Leandro Cirino, Lautaro Arellano, Matías Belizán, Federico Lavallén, Gastón Mansilla, Emmanuel Ventos, Abel Casquete and Nicolás Godoy.

Estudiantes: Bruera, Cabrera, Rodríguez, Adin, Ascacibar, Marinelli, Ireba, Gómez, Lattanzio, Sosa and Miranda.

River: Matías Samaniego byVentos, Gabriel Romero by Casquete and Franco Petracca Lepera byBelizán.
Estudiantes: Apaolaza byIreba, RugnabyAdin and Lazzariniby Miranda.

By Sergio Bogochwal.