"El Millonario" added a point joust about the end of the match at Peru With a tremendous free-kick from Cristian Ferreira, at the last minute of the stoppage time, the American champion brought a draw from Lima on his debut in The Libertadores 2019.

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That evening, the defending champion made his debut at the Copa Libertadores 2019. The match started even, with attacks from both teams, the first half went by. River had his first goal situations with Ignacio Fernandez and Lucas Pratto; the midfielder could not make it after a counter-attack and Pratto missed the rebounce. Then, after connecting a free kick from Juan Fernando Quintero, Javier Pinola had his chance with a header, but was contained by Pedro Gallese, the goalkeeper.

As the 31st minute of the first half unfolded, Alianza Lima, after a lateral to the heart of the area, found the first goal of the match: José Manzaneda scored the 1-0 with his left leg.

The second half began with a River determined to find the equalizer. Lucas Pratto, thanks to his usual dynamic, had his first situation with an associated attack between him and Quintero, but could not comfortably define, and Gallese contained the shot.

With Matias Suarez and Cristian Ferreira both in, "El Millonario" took full possession of the ball in the second half. With attacks sustained by the side of debutant Fabrizio Angileri, River managed to place a lot of crosses to the area that were not capitalized by the strikers: Borre headed over the crossbar twice.

In the closing minutes, the match became very tight and, due to fatigue, both teams were unable to penetrate the rival areas. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Pinola threw a cross shot from the left that hit the hand of a rival's defender, and Wilmar Roldán charged a penalty. Rafael Borre took charge of it, but Pedro Gallese saved it by jumping to his right post.

When the match seemed to be coming to an end, Cristian Ferreira, with a free kick, fired an impressive right shot, to score the 1-1 that sealed the deal at Peru.

On Wednesday 13/3, El Millonario will play their second Copa Libertadores match against Palestino at the Monumental Stadium.


RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Fabrizio Angileri; Enzo Pérez, Leonardo Ponzio (C), Ignacio Fernández; Juan Fernando Quintero; Lucas Pratto and Rafael Borré. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Germán Lux, Robert Rojas, Camilo Mayada, Bruno Zuculini, Nicolás De La Cruz, Cristian Ferreira, Julián Álvarez, Matías Suárez and Ignacio Scocco.

Changes: Ferreira for Quintero, Suarez for Pratto, De La Cruz for Ponzio.

ALIANZA LIMA: Pedro Gallese; Rodrigo Cuba, Hansell Riojas, Gonzalo Godoy, José Guidino; Kevin Quevedo, Tomás Costa, Wilder Cartagena, Luis Ramírez, José Manzaneda; Mauricio Affonso. DT: Miguel Ángel Russo.

Substitutes: Leao Butron, Aldair Salazar, Renato Rojas, Joazhiño Arroe, Felipe Rodríguez, Carlos Beltrán, Rinaldo Cruzado, Aldair Fuentes, Christian Adrianzén, Adrián Ugarriza.

Changes: Arroe for Ramírez, Crossed for Costa, Rodríguez for Quevedo.

Goals: Manzaneda (AL), Ferreira (RP).

Admonished: Borré, Ferreira and Montiel (RP); Cartagena, Riojas, Rodríguez and Gallese (AL).

Referee: Wilmar Roldán

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