An unforgettable Monumental party America’s champion arrived in Buenos Aires last Sunday and went straight to the Club to celebrate with the fans, who filled the Monumental Stadium to see the Libertadores cup won against Boca Juniors in Madrid.

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After the historic events of December 9th at Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the events of December 23rd will also go down in history. The three goals against Boca Juniors and the most important match in history, which gave River the Libertadores cup, will be cheered forever. The fans could finally get together with the players and celebrate this everlasting achievement.

No sooner had the players and coaching staff stepped on Argentine soil than they got on the bus, especially wrapped for the occasion, to travel from Ezeiza to the Stadium, which they found packed, overflowing with desire to celebrate and thankful for the feat of December 9th.

In Nuñez, while waiting for the players, celebrations started with the Club’s murga group on the running track, live music, raffles, and images related to the victory displayed on the stadium screen. Then, a group of children welcomed the champions upon their return to the playing field, as they entered one by one, receiving an ovation.

“Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting us, for cheering for us, for all the love we have received during all these years. I’m deeply moved by everything I’m feeling right now and by being able to share this with these players, who I appreciate with all my heart. I would like to thank the coaching staff, the assistants, and everyone who constantly works for us to be better. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors, the President, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, and Enzo Francescoli,” Marcelo Gallardo said.

“Three years ago, when we won the 2015 Cup, it didn’t seem real, but it was a dream come true. I remember the last words I spoke in this same stadium; I told the fans, from the bottom of my heart, that we would go even further. Not only did we go further, but we also won the final we had always dreamed of, and we will never forget it, it will live forever in our hearts,” he added.

“Thank you all, we want to thank our wonderful supporters, who are on every street of this city and of every city in the country. They are celebrating, we are feeling tremendous love. I want to thank the authorities and the employees, as well as the fans. Let’s go on like this, we will keep on working because this is just the beginning,” Rodolfo D’Onofrio stated.

“It’s a unique feeling to experience this with our people. They deserved it since that Saturday when it was unfortunately suspended. It’s one of the happiest moments I have had in this club and, as the President and Marcelo said, we will keep on fighting so that River can go on being the best,” Enzo Francescoli added.

The greatest lap of honour in history took place on a convertible bus, with River’s anthem as background music. The grand finale was Gonzalo Martínez’s reenactment of his goal against Boca, the third one, the one which defined the match and will go down in history, the one which will never be forgotten.