The Vikings are champions! River turned the game around, won 3-2 against Ciudad and became champion for the first time in the Metropolitan Tournament.

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By: Matías De Pablo

After having tied 1-1 in the first leg, River, that began losing 2-0 against Ciudad in the return game, turned it around, won by 3-2 and became champion of the Metropolitan Tournament for the first time in history.

With the presence of the President of the Club, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, and with a great support of the spectators, River and Ciudad got to the half time 0-0 after a first half in which agitation reigned.
In the second half, Ciudad quickly scored two goals, but the match was not closed: the “viking” fighting spirit was about to burst onto the scene.

First came Luciana Molina’s goal, after 19 minutes. When entering the semicircle, the player from Mendoza connected a center and put the 1-2. River continued to grow in the attack and, in the 22 minutes of the second half, Macarena Rodríguez appeared to the right, shoot the center and found Victoria Sauze from Tucumán who, with a strong cross diversion, put the 2-2.

But the Vikings were not satisfied and found a penalty corner six minuted before the end. There came Estefanía Cascallares’ diversion and the final 3-2.

In this way, the match finished and the well-deserved celebration of the Vikings began, who for the first time became champions of the Metropolitan Tournament 2016.

The 42 Vikings that established River as the champion of the Metropolitan Tournament were:
Ayala Ovidi, Agostina; Agustin, Eugenia, Ahuad Calvelo, Agustina; Aladro, María Laura; Biondi Grane, Caterina; Bravo Quintans, Martina; Cascallares, Estefanía; Cobello, Lucila; Corti, Daniela; Cuadrelli, Paloma; Darnay, María Sofía; De Biase, Pilar; De Villafañe, Agustina; Dell’era, Ivana; Diaz Maraiz, Mercedes; Donati, Bianca; Fernandez, Lujan; Giraldi, Triana Antonella; Grodsinsky, Ana; Lehoczky, Federica; London, Tamara; Marotias, Priscila; Mathiesen Liendo, María Rocío; Molina, Luciana Ángeles; Petrik Vidal, Bárbara; Pigerl, Lumila Aida; Quevedo, Melina Yohana; Ramirez, María Eugenia; Rodriguez, Macarena; Sacomanno, Camila; Salani, Ximena; Sauze Valdez, Victoria; Seifert, Julieta; Serini Osuna, Claudina; Valverde, Maria Paz; Vilar Del Valle Dupuy, Manuela; Villar, María Gracia; Villar, María Sol; Von Der Heyde, Lucina Juliana; Zabalegui, Mikela; Zanni Braccio, Emilia; Zanni Braccio, Romina.

The coaching staff was headed by the coach Juan Manuel Esparis, the physical trainer Adrián Coppari and the goalkeepers’ coach Otto de Vilmar, accompanied by the manager Sergio "Cachito" Vigil.