River Plate competed for the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup (FICWC) River Plate was once again a trail blazer and became the first Latin American team to compete for the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup. Franco Colagrossi was present in London and had the chance to play against some of the best eSport players of the world.

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The Greatest took a new step forward and prove to be at the same level of the most important European clubs. Together with Franco Colagrossi, River Plate’s eSport platform keeps growing and gaining experience for the next great competitions.

These were the matches that River played along the competition:

1st Date: River Plate 0-1 vs. Manchester City
2nd Date: River Plate 1-5 vs. Schalke 04
3rd Date: River Plate 2-1 vs. Olympique Lyonnais
4th Date: River Plate 2-3 vs. AS Roma
5th Date: River Plate 1-3 vs. Stuttgart