River closed the year in the highest position River beat Estudiantes 101-61 in its last match of 2016 and it remains as the leader of its zone in the Federal Tournament.

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Roberto Santin’s team comfortably passed its last exam of the year and closed the first leg of the Federal Tournament with a more than positive outcome: 10 triumphs in 13 rounds and the first position in the table (shared with Huracán of San Justo, but with a better score difference) in the Metropolitan Division.

In City Bell, el Millonario was superior from beginning to end and made clear it would beat 101-61 the youth team of Estudiantes de La Plata. The captain Maxi Pellegrino, with 21, was the top scorer of the match.

River dominated since the beginning: owing to a defense in the one on one and, adding with Fric and Gavotti’s good job, the first quarter ended 21-13 for the visitor.

Guided by Gianluca Pellegrino and with Kot’s good contributions from the perimeter, River continued adding in the next period so as to broaden the distance by 18 points at half time (48-30).

In the second half, differences were stronger and, thanks to an effective Maximiliano Pellegrino, River continued to broaden the difference and closed with a huge victory. In the final part, there was time for young Pozzi to add eight points in slightly more than a minute inside the court and for el Millonario to go beyond the 100 points-barrier for the first time in the tournament.

Now, River will rest for two weeks and, at the beginning of January, it will resume trainings with a view to the second part of the regular phase. On the 27th of that same month, the team will go back to the court to visit Lanús.


ESTUDIANTES DE LA PLATA (61): Lautaro Noguera 8, Blas Gerardi 11, Agustín Lecona 10, Michelle Castro 9, Pablo Marin 2 (i. f.), Juan Melo 4, Matías Griszka 5, Juan Mazza 4, Agustín Sarasqueta 8. Coach: Mauricio López.

RIVER PLATE (101): Gianluca Pellegrino 16, Maximiliano Pellegrino 21, Daniel Kot 16, Guillermo Gavotti 16, David Fric 15 (i. f.), Mariano Piaggio 2, Felipe Sánchez 5, Franco Pozzi 8, Santiago Manocchio. Coach: Roberto Santin.

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