Ponzio and Osvaldo, hand to hand for the boys The players of River and Boca participated in the fifth edition of the solidary talk organized by the SOS Children"s Foundation.

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Leonardo Ponzio and Daniel Osvaldo pounded the next Superclásicos a different, special and solidarity way. On Tuesday afternoon, the players were the stars of the fifth edition of hand to hand for the kids, organized by the SOS Children"s Foundation in conjunction with River Solidarity and Social Boca.

The day began with a press conference in which, in addition to the players present were the presidents of clubs, Rodolfo D"Onofrio and Daniel Angelici. Joining them were Adrian Varela, head of Public Relations River, and Enzo Pagani, Head of Social Action of Boca
After answering questions from the press, leave a message of peace and order of football without violence, they spent the audience full of children who wore shirts of institutions. There, they told them his life story and returned to convey the importance of a sport with passion, teamwork, fair play, rivalry with respect and without violence, integration and solidarity.