A Visit From China To The Monumental A representative of the Chinese Ministry of Sports toured the Club’s facilities together with Jorge Brito, 1st. Vice President, as part of the beginning of the relationship between River and China for further joint actions.

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This Wednesday, November 1st, Louis Yi Liu, a special representative sent by Gou Zhongwen, Minister of Sports of China, went to the Monumental Stadium where he toured the club’s facilities, the River museum, the boarding house and the field. In addition, he saw an institutional video at the Paddock.

The visit happened in the context of the meeting held by Zhongwen and the National Government in September and of the joint work to cooperate and promote multilateral growth and to move forward regarding the terms of the MOU signed by Argentina and China.

Besides Brito, Ignacio Amui (Deputy Treasurer), Fernando Guarini (President of Amateur Soccer), Adrián Varela (President of Public Relations), Santiago Poblet (President of Institutional Relations) and Matías Baretta (Brand Manager) were present representing River.

Yi Liu as given, as presents, a River jersey and the official books ‘La otra mirada’ and ‘Mientras viva tu bandera’. In this way, the sound relationship between River and China began its efforts for future actions, such as the internationalization of the brand, the experience exchanges, infrastructure and cooperation regarding soccer.