Facebook recognizes River’s digital marketing Following the campaign “Your time to become a member”, whereby River gained thousands of members and registered users, the social media company wrote a thorough report detailing the successful strategy executed by the Club.

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As highlighted by the success story report published today by Facebook, River Plate generated over USD 1 million in customer lifetime value using Facebook and Instagram: This figure represents the incremental direct revenue that the Club will earn in the next twelve months for incorporating more than 3,100 members by running a one-month campaign on said social media.

During the campaign, from November to December 2020, River Plate granted new memberships even when most of the Club’s activities were closed to the public due to the pandemic. The social networks were the ideal medium for inviting fans to take a step forward and become members thanks to the digital transformation carried out by the Club in the last few years, which allows for the whole sign-up process for new members to be 100% online on the RiverID platform.

Stefano Di Carlo, 2nd Vice President, said: “Social media are a key element of our digital ecosystem. By building synergy with our RiverID platform, we were able to maximize the effectiveness of this campaign, which sought to encourage fans to take their relationship with the Club further by becoming members. The results have been excellent and they show how a social media strategy, which strengthens our brand and our bond with the public, can provide us with essential tools to keep making River grow.”

“By tying the fans’ passion to meaningful content on Facebook and Instagram, River managed to tackle the Club’s goals and create a campaign to increase revenue. This is an example of the way in which our platforms can enable connection between our members and their users. At the same time, it offers business solutions with tangible results,” explained Matias Apartin, sport partnership manager at Facebook Latin America.

By combining organic reach and marketing tools on both Facebook and Instagram, between November and December 2020, River Plate:

-Earned over USD 1 million in customer lifetime value by gaining more than 3,100 members and almost 16,800 new registered users. -Gained over 80% more interactions on Facebook when compared to last quarter. -Had 5.5x more one-minute reproductions on its Facebook page when compared to last quarter.

In its initial stage, the campaign appealed to the emotional bond between River and its member and non-member fans, consolidating the Club’s community through relevant content on Facebook and Instagram. In the second stage, the Club focused on encouraging the public to act by inviting people to a specific website so that they could become members. Finally, the digital strategy concluded with live initiatives on Facebook, such as the broadcast of the CONMEBOL Libertadores matches.