The Superleague Cup: River tied against Aldosivi in the away match Marcelo Gallardo’s team was superior and took the lead in Mar del Plata, but the local team evened the score to make the definite 1-1. The second leg will take place next Friday at the Monumental stadium.

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El Millionario was in control of the match from the beginning, pressuring near the goal area and approaching clearly from the back of the pitch. There was practically no fear and clear goal opportunities started to appear. The first one was at the feet of Rafael Borré, who took advantage of a defensive error made by the local team, but his shot was saved by Luciano Pocrnjic.

Then, Exequiel Palacios found the Colombian, but the local goalkeeper appeared again, as he did during a venomous free-kick by Nacho Fernández which he smacked near the second bar. Enzo Pérez also had his opportunity by means of a shot that went straight towards the middle of the goalpost. Aldosivi’s most clear attempt was a shot by Matías Pisano, that Franco Armani saved blocked near the first bar.

In the last part, Bruno Zuculini put pressure on Pocrnjic from outside the area and Borré gave a clear header after a cross by Fabrizio Angileri, but it was slightly deflected by the rival left sidebar. In the last attempt, Pérez scored a great header after a good move by Angileri and celebrated the well-deserved 1-0 score for River.

At the beginning of the second half, Aldosivi made the first move towards a goal: Armani blocked a header by Leonel Galeano very well. However, River reacted with an approximation by Nacho Fernández and a header by Javier Pinola straight to the crossbar. As part of those comings and goings, the Millionario’s goalkeeper appeared again blocking a half-turn by Iván Colman.

Aldosivi evened the score through Andrés Chávez, after a quick exit from the goalpost. Then, Borré had a clear opportunity as well, moving towards the right and shooting a cross that no one caught. River played to win until the end, but couldn’t attain victory. Now, the winner will be determined next Friday night at the Monumental stadium.