The professional team’s new training camp The construction work that was being carried out in the professional team’s training camp area is finished.

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Among the main novelties, the ones which stand out are the total renovation of furniture, both in the dining room and in the living room, which now has a state-of-the-art projector. Besides, the kitchen has been replaced by a more modern and larger one, as well as the utensils used by the chefs and a refrigerated food storage.

Regarding the space destined to the team’s meals, an exclusive sector was added, with an island for buffet service. Furthermore, some renovation work was carried out. As regards the decoration, the common areas will be plotted.

River also finished some construction work as part of the local locker room renovation: the equipment room was enlarged, which now has a piece of furniture with a space for each player. Besides, the kinesiology room now has a u-glass and new automatic stretchers. A video-analysis office has also been added and the doctor’s office has been renovated so that four players can be attended to at the same time.