The Monumental Stadium is getting bigger After some construction and remodelling work carried out by the Club’s Department of Infrastructure, the house of the champion of the Americas increased its seating capacity to 70.074.

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River Plate continues carrying out important construction works in its facilities. On this opportunity, thanks to the remodelling work done, the Monumental Stadium is now set to hold 70.074 people. Before, its seating capacity was 66.266.

The building adaptation work was done with the authorization of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the stadium’s enlargement was finally allowed, something that will benefit the members and fans of El Más Grande.

It is worth noting that the Monumental stadium’s seating capacity increased by 10.000 new seats in comparison to 2014. So many more River Plate fans can show their passion and support at each match the Millionario plays at home.