River won with a goal fest Marcelo Gallardo’s team had a night to remember and beat Peru’s Binacional 8-0, for the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup. The goals were scored by Fernández -2-, Casco, Borré, Carrascal, Rojas, Díaz and Suárez.

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In the Cup debut at home, River didn’t take long to be in control and be the only protagonist. Plays began, mainly on the right of the attacking zone. Nacho Fernández was knocked down inside that area and Nicolás De La Cruz took over, but the goalkeeper Raúl Fernández saved the shot on his right. In the next play, the Uruguayan player set Rafael Borré up for a goal, but the forward couldn’t score through a cross-shot.

Matías Suárez also had his chance by means of a deflected header and then, Nacho Fernández fired a center pass from the left which went down behind the goalkeeper and crashed against a goalpost. River widely deserved the lead, but it wasn’t able to create it. Nacho set Borré up for a goal, but Fernández saved it and then there was another penalty from a foul on Suárez. Nacho Fernández took it, but his powerful left-footed shot towards the center of the goal hit the crossbar.

El Millionario found the well-deserved goal at the feet of Milton Casco, who made a personal play and fired a low shot. Enzo Pérez almost scores the second one by means of a shot from the outside and De La Cruz also had his chance after a long rebound on the goalkeeper. The first half ended with some attempts by Paulo Díaz and a very clear play by Borré, who couldn’t take advantage of Suárez’s shot to the center.

At the beginning of the second half, River went for the second goal to settle the match and, after a few warnings made through center passes from the sides, Borré set the score 2-0 after a pass from Suárez, who had dodged the goalkeeper. In the next play, and with just a few minutes on the pitch, Jorge Carrascal kicked an excellent pass from Enzo Pérez very well. El Millionario found the fourth goal at the Borré’s feet, after another pass from Suárez, but the rival goalkeeper blocked it.

River made another excellent approximation: Carrascal made a lateral pass to Borré, but Fernández prevented him from celebrating again. Finally, the fourth goal came in a good collective play, which culminated with a center shot by Montiel and a good crossed header by Nacho. El Millionario kept going and widening the lead: the fifth one was scored by Robert Rojas, a header, and the sixth one, a high right-footed shot by Díaz. The precious goals at the end were scored by Suárez, with an exact definition, and by Nacho, after a pass from player no. 7, to set an unforgettable 8-0 score.

This weekend, River will welcome Atlético Tucumán, for the first Superleague Cup matchday. In the meantime, it will visit Sao Paulo in Brasil, on Tuesday, for a new CONMEBOL Libertadores match.