River won at home and it’s leading more than ever El Millionario played a great match at the Monumental Stadium and, playing one player less during most of the match, it clearly beat Central Córdoba 2-0. Borré and Nacho Scocco (an amazing goal) were the goal scorers.

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The beginning of the match was difficult for el Millionario, due to Paulo Díaz’s dismissal before the 15-minute mark. Nonetheless, River didn’t change its idea and sought to open the scoring: the first chance arrived by means of an overlapping run by Rafael Borré, a center pass which didn’t get to Matías Suárez and the clearance of Central Córdoba’s defense. The away team responded with a right-footed cross by Marcelo Meli which didn’t threaten Franco Armani’s goal much.

Up the pitch, Suárez and Borré were in contact all the time and were supported by the constant involvement of Nicolás De La Cruz, Nacho Fernández and Milton Casco. Even River’s player no. 7 fell victim to a clear foul in the area that Nestor Pitana didn’t see, that would have meant a penalty for el Millionario. On another occasion, Suárez himself escaped after an assist by Borré, but couldn’t shoot comfortably.

Then, Borré couldn’t head the ball after an overlapping run by Suárez, and Suárez set Casco up, who infiltrated as 9, but didn’t reach the ball. In one of the last attempts, the first goal arrived: a great long pass from De La Cruz to Suárez, the forward adjusted himself and made a pass to Borré, who fired into the net, scoring his 11th goal in the Superleague.

River was determined to score the second goal during the second half, and was close to doing it at the beginning: a pass from Gonzalo Montiel from the right and De La Cruz, alone at the center of the area, couldn’t catch the ball with precision and his shot went above the crossbar. In another clear attempt, Suárez escaped on the left and his left-footed cross was saved well by Diego Rodríguez.

In an excellent collective play, Suárez almost scores the second goal delightfully: he kicked the ball on the left, hitting the crossbar, an attempt which deserved to be a new goal for el Millionario. Suárez was also the protagonist of another very clear play: this time on the right side, with his right leg, he caught a shot in mid-air and fired against Central Córdoba’s goalkeeper’s first goalpost.

The match was missing something: Nacho Scocco caught the ball in the rival field, completely alone. He ran towards the defenders, dummied Marcelo Meli twice (including a nutmeg), got the goalkeeper all over the place and hit the net, scoring the second goal and winning an amazing victory, placing the team at the top of the championship chart. Next matchday, River will visit Unión, in Santa Fe.

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