River won and qualified for Round of 16 Marcelo Gallardo’s team gave a high-level performance once more, beat Sao Paulo 2-1 and secured its place in the next round of the CONMEBOL Libertadores.

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River stepped onto the CONMEBOL Libertadores playing field with the determination to dominate Sao Paulo and quickly took control of the match. Before opening the scoring, el Muñeco’s team was in control and developed opportunities to score, as in the clear case of Gonzalo Montiel, who made an individual move and almost set the score 1-0’, but Volpi blocked the low shot.

The goal was scored after an excellent collective play. Nico De La Cruz deftly set up Julián Álvarez for a goal and the forward elegantly scored the first goal. Then, Nacho Fernández almost scores the second one, by means of a powerful shot that was blocked by the rival goalkeeper, and, on another occasion, De La Cruz fired a shot that went high.

The away team evened the score in a dead-ball situation, thanks to Diego, and reached a well-deserved tie. However, el Millonario didn’t feel the blow and kept on going for the second goal. The goal that set the score 2-1 was amazing: Álvarez and Matías Suárez connected on the left, player No. 7 assisted player No. 9, who fired a high powerful shot and celebrated his second goal of the night and his fourth consecutive one.

In the second half, River was equally determined. Without making clear moves towards the goal, but controlling and setting the pace of the match, River had some opportunities to score the third one: Rafael Borré didn’t reach any teammates through a low center pass and then Álvarez almost scores his third goal of the night, by means of a shot from outside the area which passed very close by Volpi’s left goalpost.

Sao Paulo almost didn’t disturb Franco Armani (he reached the 100-match mark with el Más Grande), there were only a few approaches like a left-footed cross-shot by Reinaldo. In the end, Armani took charge of the situation and came off his line to stifle the Brazilian team’s chance to even the score.

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