River wins the derby! The team managed by Martín Demichelis created many opportunities against Boca Juniors, which had only one shot on goal, and won near the end with a penalty scored by Miguel Borja. A full-on celebration at the Mâs Monumental stadium!

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River stepped onto the field determined to take over the match and, in the first half, was the only team that attacked, while Boca barely managed to get the ball across the midfield line and didn’t threaten Franco Armani's goal. In the starting minutes, el Millonario had some good shots on goal, but the clearest chance was a left-footed shot from Nacho Fernández, which Sergio Romero just about managed to deflect wide by his right post.

River kept trying and looked for the opportunity to make the most of Esequiel Barco's speed and the constant upfield runs by Milton Casco and Enzo Díaz on the sides. Nico De La Cruz failed to head a cross from the right-hand side, and Lucas Beltrán crossed a header (off a cross from Díaz) that went just wide of the rival goal. Barco had the last two chances of the first half (a shot while facing the goal, which bounced off Nacho), and Nacho took a free kick that Romero deflected high.

At the start of the second half, Boca reached the goal area for the first time with a run by Sebastián Villa, but Casco cleared the ball. River counterattacked immediately, with Nacho Fernandez striking a high left-footed shot from outside the box. Nacho had another very clear chance: he ran toward the goal, but failed to strike comfortably and his shot was blocked inside the box. De La Cruz collected a rebound and put Romero to the test with a mid-range shot.

Near the 65th minute, the team managed by Demichelis had the clearest opportunity: Díaz recovered the ball, tapped it to Barco, and Nacho set up Pablo Solari, who crossed a shot that smashed against Romero’s right post, crossing the end line. In the 68th minute, Boca struck the first shot on goal of the match, but Armani made a good save on a free kick from Villa.

In stoppage time, Agustín Sández committed a foul on Solari, and Miguel Borja took the penalty, setting the score at 1-0. With this win, River now sits at the top of the table, with 37 points. On Sunday, the team will play the next match against Talleres, in Córdoba.