River was the only one that tried, but it couldn’t win Marcelo Gallardo’s team was far superior to Boca Juniors, but they lacked clarity and precision in the final meters and they couldn’t claim the three points.

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From the very beginning, the attitude of each team could be clearly perceived on the playing field: River was determined to get the result, whereas Boca Juniors stayed on their side, and crossed to the other side only a few times. The first opportunity arrived on the feet of Nacho Fernández, who couldn’t dominate and get to a one-on-one against Esteban Andrada. The opposing team just threatened River with a weak shot by Jan Hurtado.

El Millionario kept on looking for the goal: Rafael Borré made a center pass that narrowly missed Lucas Pratto and, then, player n°27 made a high header out of a corner kick. At one moment, taking advantage of Boca’s inattention, Nacho Fernández tried to score but Andrada saved it; at another one, Nicolás De La Cruz shot a high ball from outside the area.

Borré had a very clear opportunity, which was disallowed due to a non-existent offside position. In another play, a center pass by Nacho Fernández, Borré couldn’t get there and Gonzalo Montiel’s shot deflected after a good pass by Nacho from the left. At the end of the first half, De La Cruz shot from the outside and Andrada saved it in the middle of the goal.

In the second half, nothing changed regarding the attitude of each time. Palacios had a chance by means of a shot from the right, that passed close to one of Andrada’s goalposts. Then, Pratto made another attempt, but the shot deflected. Lucas Martínez Quarta had a very clear chance, dominating in the area and shooting a high ball. The defender also headed the ball out of a corner kick, which was saved by Andrada.

River continued having opportunities, thanks to a shot by Nacho Fernández, a clear definition by Borré after a pass from Suárez, and a free kick by Cristian Ferreira which passed close to the goal. Meanwhile, Boca didn’t threaten until the last minutes, with a free-kick by Carlos Tevez which was met with a good response from Franco Armani.

River was left with an unfair 0-0 score and deserved to win at the Monumental Stadium. The next match is in fifteen days and Marcelo Gallardo’s team will visit Huracán for the Superleague.

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