River was superior and evened the score in the end El Millionario was vastly superior against Athletico Paranaense in Brazil and evened the score at 1-1 with a header by Paulo Díaz. Next Tuesday, the bracket will be determined in Buenos Aires.

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El Millionario made its intention on the rival playing field clear since the very first minute. In a clear approach, after an overlapping run by Matías Suárez on the left, Rafael Borré jumped higher and fired a header that was saved by Bento, the goalkeeper. Nonetheless, in its response, Athletico Paranaense wasted a clear opportunity: Richard fired a deflected shot when the ball was at the penalty mark, after a series of rebounds.

River kept trying. Suárez escaped and was about to face the rival goalkeeper, but he was approached when he was getting ready. In another play, Nicolás De La Cruz fired a dangerous free kick that went across the home team’s area. River’s player no. 7 was the protagonist of another approach, with a feint and a left-footed shot that was controlled by the goalkeeper. In the last threatening approach, Paulo Díaz fired a header that bounced on the ground and was saved by Bento.

Gallardo’s team was even more superior in the second half. It had some very clear attacking opportunities and when Jorge Carrascal went onto the field, River’s attack became more dynamic. Nacho Fernández and Borré made some unsuccessful attempts. The only time it reached the goal in the second half, Athletico Paranaense set the score 1-0 with a goal by Bissoli. River kept going for it and trying, despite the many halts and interruptions during the match.

Carrascal passed the ball to Suárez, who was not able to score. Then, Díaz won in the area, but his header with a bounce was deflected. In another play off a corner kick, Carrascal fired a header towards the first goalpost: the ball hit the crossbar and bounced on the line. In another appearance by the Colombian, Lucas Pratto fired a high shot after an assist.

Towards the end, Díaz jumped and fired an amazing header, setting the score at 1-1. River went for more and almost won in the end, by means of another deflected header by Santiago Sosa within the small box. Now, the rematch will take place next Tuesday, in Buenos Aires, where el Millionario will go for the quarter-finals qualification.

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