River was superior and deserved to win The team managed by Martín Demichelis created several situations and displayed a great level of football playing against Tigre, winning 1-0 thanks to a header scored by Leandro González Pirez.

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River was in control during the first half: even without really threatening Tigre’s goal, the team managed to take over, preventing the rival from asserting itself, and had several chances to open the scoring. Taking advantage of José Paradela’s and Nacho Fernández's game, with Milton Casco constantly running upfield on the left, River had a chance to score off a corner kick, but Enzo Díaz failed to take a comfortable shot.

On another clear chance, Casco set up Miguel Borja, who struck a cross for Paradela to head, but the header bounced off target. River kept trying: Nacho Fernandez tried to score with two free kicks (one almost slipped into the near post) and River had several chances to score, missing by a few centimeters: a pass from Solari to Robert Rojas, one from Nacho to Solari, and another one from Solari to Borja. The home team threatened Franco Armani twice: a header from Abel Luciatti and a crossed shot from Facundo Colidio.

In the second half, River created the first dangerous situation in the 47th minute, with a powerful right-footed shot from Esequiel Barco that went high. On another opportunity, following a good recovery by Nacho Fernández, River set up the attack and Borja struck a low crossed shot that was saved by Gonzalo Marinelli. Barco also had his chance with a run up the left-hand side, but he lacked conviction.

Demichelis’s teams set up another good collective play on the left, culminating in a low cross from Nacho Fernández, which Salomón Rondón failed to connect with. It wasn't until the 65th minute that Tigre had a clear chance at the feet of Colidio, who collected a pass and struck a shot that deflected off the near post; then, Luciatti struck a great header that was excellently saved by Armani.

River kept going for the goal and set the score at 1-0 off a corner kick, toward the end of the match: Enzo Pérez glanced the ball by the near post and Leandro González Pirez appeared in the middle of the box to score a diving header and claim the lead for River. On the next play, Tigre could have scored the equalizer, but Mateo Retegui’s header deflected away. Toward the end, Armani prevented Blas Armoa from evening the score by blocking the shot with his hand. Thus, River has claimed all three points again and now sits with 9 points in the championship.