River was forceful and won a resounding victory in Santiago del Estero Marcelo Gallardo's team destabilized its rival in the second half: it set up good and precise plays, beating Central Córdoba 5-0, and is now second in its group.

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After its win over Colón on the last matchday, River traveled to Santiago del Estero to claim all three points once again. El Millonario played on all sides and could count on Enzo Pérez’s excellent performance, which was key to stopping rival attacks and recovering the ball in the defensive half. The first chance to score involved a long-range shot from Agustín Palavecino, followed by a shot from Fabrizio Angileri.

Lucas Beltrán and Julián Álvarez played an active role in the attack, with No. 9 being the greater protagonist, by means of overlapping runs, penetrating runs, and shots on goal, even though none of these attempts were threatening. For its part, Central Córdoba had a clear opportunity after a pirouette by Milton Giménez and a right-footed crossed shot from Leonardo Sequeira.

Towards the end of the first half, River took advantage of a corner kick taken by Álvarez on the right side. Angileri got to the ball first and won the header against Dixon Rentería, firing a powerful header that avoided Alejandro Sánchez’s goalkeeping effort. Thus, el Más Grande went into the half-time with a 1-0 lead.

The home team got off to a better start in the second half: Giménez set up a good individual play and fired a deflected shot aimed at Franco Armani’s near post. River responded with a lethal move: the play began at the back of the field, full of touches on the ball by Álvarez, who escaped on the right side and found the Colombian goal scorer, all by himself, who fired a shot, setting the score at 2-0.

Gallardo’s team was close to scoring the third goal. After another great collective play, Álvarez retrieved the ball in the box and fired a left-footed shot that hit the home keeper's chest. Then, Central Córdoba destabilized Armani by means of a shot from the right side that narrowly missed one of the goalposts. Nonetheless, the third goal was scored thanks to a shot from José Paradela, who had come onto the field a few minutes before.

River kept dominating the match and took advantage of a mistake on the rival goal line to set the score at 4-0. Borré had a one-on-one against the keeper, didn’t miss the shot, and celebrated his second goal of the night in Santiago del Estero. There was more: Federico Girotti came onto the playing field and scored the fifth goal in his first play, off a header after a perfect cross from Borré.

Thanks to this victory, el Millonario is now second in its League Cup group, with 18 points. On Thursday, it will visit Fluminense in Brazil, for the CONMEBOL Libertadores debut.

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