River was efficient and won at the Monumental Stadium Marcelo Gallardo’s team wrapped up a good night beating Junior 2-1 in the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup. The goal scorers were David Martínez and Julián Álvarez.

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Playing at the Monumental Stadium for the COMEBOL Libertadores Cup, River welcomed Junior de Barranquilla and attacked the rival’s goal from the beginning. Enzo Pérez was close to opening the scoring thanks to a shot from outside the box, but it was saved by Sebastián Viera; then, Julián Álvarez scored a goal, but the referee disallowed it for a hand ball by Agustín Palavecino, who tried to cover himself in the box after a shot from Nicolás De La Cruz.

Palavecino also had his chance, but the rival goalkeeper made a good save. Nonetheless, the first goal was scored by David Martínez, who captured a rebound in the box after a corner kick and fired a left-footed shot. Toward the end of the first half, River was close to widening the lead thanks to shot from De La Cruz, that was deflected by Dany Rosero on the goal line, and a header by Robert Rojas, that was saved by Viera.

At the start of the second half, Junior almost evened the score by means of a right-footed shot from Willer Ditta that smashed against Franco Armani's right goalpost. River made a defining play: Fabrizio Angileri fired a great cross from the left side, that was caught by Julián Álvarez, who set the score at 2-0 in the 10th minute. El Millonario didn’t settle for that and kept demonstrating its superiority, dominating the game in the midfield and setting up dangerous plays, such as a header by Rojas off a corner kick.

Jorge Carrascal, who had come onto the field a few minutes before, set up an excellent individual play and set up Gonzalo Montiel for a goal, but the defender’s left-footed shot was blocked by Viera. Federico Girotti wasn’t able to kick the rebound and, in the following play, Carrascal tried from outside the box, but his shot narrowly missed one of the goalposts.

In the last play, Junior reduced the deficit thanks to a goal by Miguel Borja. With this victory, River has accrued four points and shares first place with Fluminense in Group D. River’s next CONMEBOL Libertadores match will be next week, in Colombia, against Independiente Santa Fe. Meanwhile, on Sunday, it will visit Banfield to play for the League Cup.

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