River won a resounding victory at the Monumental stadium Marcelo Gallardo’s team had a very good evening and defeated Lanús 3-0, for the Superleague, with goals scored by Rafael Borré and two scored by Matías Suarez.

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It didn’t take long for el Millionario to take control of the game and it quickly started to threaten Lanús’s goal. The first situations consisted in shots by Nacho Fernández and Exequiel Palacios which were deflected: the first one went over the goal and the second one passed closet o Agustín Rossi’s left goalpost. In the next play, Matías Suárez perceived Ezequiel Muñoz’s and the goalkeeper’s mistake and tapped the ball, but he sent the ball out of play by means of an awkward left-footed shot

Suárez was also the protagonist of a clear play, after Jorge Carrascal passed the ball to him, when he wasn’t able to shot straight towards the centre of the area, but player no. 7 was going to have another chance. Before, Gonzalo Montiel almost scored a left-footed shot, but he met with Rossi’s response. Thanks to a high degree of pressure, River rushed Lanús, which committed a defensive error, and Muñoz fouled Suárez, gaining a penalty that was converted by Rafael Borré.

River went for more and almost scores in the second half after a free kick by Nacho which went over the goalpost. Then, after an exquisite assist from player no. 26, Suárez escaped to the left and kicked a low left-footed shot which hit Rossi’s left goalpost and went in the goal. The last two opportunities were also for el Millionario, by means of a free kick by Carrascal that went over the goal and a very clear one-to-one play by the Colombian player, which Rossi blocked.

At the beginning of the second half, River was still in control of the match and went for the third goal. Nicolás De La Cruz substituted Carrascal and tried to create threatening plays on the right. The first clear opportunities were a pirouette rehearsed by Borré and a header by Suárez which passed very close to Lanús’s goal. Then, there was another header by Robert Rojas which passed very close to Rossi’s right goalpost.

Lautaro Valenti tackled De La Cruz when he was approaching the goal and Germán Delfino awarded a penalty; the Uruguayan took charge, but his shot was saved by Rossi. River kept on trying, but a one-to-one move by Borré, after a pass from Suárez, was controlled by Rossi and then Suárez fired a shot which passed close to the opponent’s right goalpost.

Nacho Fernández caught a pass from De La Cruz, moved towards the area and fired a tremendous left-footed shot which met with a good response by Rossi, who flew over his right goalpost and smacked what would otherwise have been the third goal. Lanús’s goalkeeper prevented Suárez and Nacho from celebrating, but the third goal came after a good header by

Suárez out of a corner kick. Thus, el Millionario rounded off a very good evening and won its first Superleague victory.

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