River thrashes Central Cordoba Marcelo Gallardo’s team had a very good evening at the Mâs Monumental Stadium, winning by 3-0 with goals from Pablo Solari, Miguel Borja, and Bruno Zuculini.

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At a new stadium full of River Plate plans, el Millonario took the lead in the 15th minute, after Central Cordoba made the first scoring attempt with a shot from Hernan Lopez that Franco Armani gracefully saved. Following that play, the goal spree began: Agustin Palavecino threatened with a long-range shot; then, Pablo Solari opened the scoring off a right-footed shot from Andres Herrera.

Four minutes later, Miguel Borja beat everyone to the ball, off a corner kick perfectly taken by Juan Quintero, setting the score at 2-0. River kept trying and had chances to widen the lead: a volley from Solari, a right-footed crossed shot from Herrera, a header from Borja that was close to becoming the third goal, and Palavecino’s very clear one-on-one with the keeper that resulted in a high shot.

Right at the beginning of the second half, Armani made two phenomenal saves: first, he saved a free kick from Ivan Ramirez and then, a very good header from Francisco Gonzalez Metilli. River quickly regained control of the match and tried to score with clear passes and quick runs up the field. One of the clearest chances involved a quick throw-in from Solari and a crossed shot from Nicolas De La Cruz that went just wide of the goal.

Halfway through the second half, the third goal was scored in the same fashion as the second one: De La Cruz struck a cross from the corner and Bruno Zuculini, who had replaced Enzo Perez, jumped, and sent a great header into the net. The match went smoothly for the team, which managed to claim another win at home and add by three points.

River now has 25 points and is back again sitting at one of the top spots of the table, following the draw against Arsenal that had pushed it back a little. Next Saturday, River will visit Tigre to play Matchday 16 of the Professional League.