River thrashed Palmeiras, but it wasn’t enough Marcelo Gallardo's team was far superior in Brazil and was very close to qualifying for the Libertadores final: River won 2-0, but its third goal and a penalty that it had been awarded were disallowed in razor-thin plays.

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Just like in the first match, River was the protagonist and started pressuring up field from the very first minutes. After a mild threat by the home team due to a shot by Scarpa, el Millionario responded with good attacking plays: Gonzalo Montiel’s long pass failed to find Matías Suárez and Weverton showed his capabilities when faced by two shots from Rafael Borré and Paulo Díaz. As for Franco Armani, he responded quickly to a play against Rony.

After another attempt by De La Cruz, Robert Rojas fired a scoring header, setting the score at 1-0. The second goal came soon after that: Suárez glanced in a center pass from the left that narrowly missed the left goalpost and Borré couldn’t score after a good combination play between Nacho Fernández and Díaz. In another clear play, the home goalkeeper prevented Suárez from scoring. Nonetheless, the second goal came thanks to a good, crossed header by Borré.

In the second half, River remained in the spotlight and was even more superior. De La Cruz had the first two shots on goal: a free kick and a middle range shot. Then, Montiel fired a volley off a center pass from Fabrizio Angileri, but the goal was disallowed after a VAR check deemed an offside had taken place in a previous play. Then, Borré caught a rebound and smashed Weverton’s left goalpost.

El Millionario suffered a blow when Rojas was sent off, but didn’t ease up. It kept pressing for the third goal. Ostojich awarded a penalty for a challenge on Suárez. When Montiel was getting ready to take the kick, the referee disallowed it after checking the VAR screen. At the end of the match, there were many opportunities to score, even a VAR review due to a possible penalty for a challenge on Borré, but the ball didn’t enter the goal and River was left without the chance to play the third CONMEBOL Libertadores final in a row.

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