River thrashed Liga de Quito and got to the top of the group In Avellaneda, el Millonario was strong, beat Liga de Quito 3-0, and became the leader of the group. The goals were scored by Borré, Álvarez and Carrascal.

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The first moments of the match were contested and difficult, with few dangerous situations, and both teams had equal ball control. River was the first one to approach the goal, with a free kick by Nicolás De La Cruz which went far off the goal. Then, Ezequiel Piovi challenged Franco Armani and Javier Pinola couldn’t control a set piece from the left.

Liga de Quito had the first clear chance, in a one-on-one by Jhojan Julio, which River Plate's goalkeeper was able to control. Then, Matías Suárez was the protagonist of two clear goal opportunities: in the first one, after a nutmeg, he crashed Adrián Gabbarini’s crossbar and couldn’t hit the ball precisely after a feint.

In the last chance of the first half, after a pass from Suárez, Rafael Borré positioned himself right in front of the goal, but his shot went over the crossbar.

El Millionario was forceful at the beginning of the second half. Before the goal, Santiago Sosa warned with a volley and then the first goal was scored after a corner kick, Sosa brough the ball down and Borré hit it on the line. Right after, Julián Álvarez almost scored the second one, with a deflected shot that hit the crossbar. Sosa had his chance, but Gabbarini blocked it at the first goalpost.

Julian indulged himself in scoring again, by means of a wonderful shot, after a brilliant assist by Borré. From then onwards, River dominated the match, even though Liga also had its chances, which were controlled well by Armani. The third goal was scored close to the end: Lucas Pratto assisted Jorge Carrascal and the Colombian player made a low shot, setting the final 3-0 score.

Thus, el Más Grande became group leader in the CONMEBOL Libertadores and now awaits Friday’s draw to find out which team will be its rival in the Round of 16.

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