River’s important win over Lanús The team managed by Martín Demichelis pulled the win off in an intense and complicated match: River won 2-0 away in Lanús, thanks to two goals from José Paradela and Lucas Beltrán, and had Franco Armani as a key figure.

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Lanús was playing a bit further upfield, but River created the first clear goal scoring situation: in a quick counterattacking play off a corner kick, Esequiel Barco run several meters and sent a wide pass to Nicolás De La Cruz, who failed to control the ball and his effort was blocked at the edge of the box. On another good chance for River, Salomón Rondón failed to control the ball and open the scoring.

Franco Armani was a key figure, as he reacted brilliantly to an out-of-the-blue shot from Pedro De La Vega by the far post. Then, River set the score at 1-0 thanks to a left-footed shot on goal from José Paradela, following a great play. Lanús had some chances toward the end of the first half, and River went for the second goal with another shot from Paradela.

The second half was off to an intense start, with River setting the rhythm of play; Demichelis was forced to substitute Milton Casco due to injury, and Lanús took advantage of those minutes to press River, but failed to threaten a confident Armani’s goal. De La Vega had a chance to score, but his crossed right-footed shot went just wide of the left goalpost.

Around the 60th minute, the home team evened the score with a header from Cristian Lema off a corner kick, but a few minutes later, upon VAR review, referee Darío Herrera called it offside. River was smart, took the lead again, and made the most of having Esequiel Barco and De La Cruz setting plays up on the left-hand side. Armani made his presence felt again upon making a spectacular save on a header from Tomás Belmonte.

Near the end, River was clearly dominating the match and set the score at 2-0 thanks to a very good shot from Lucas Beltrán, rounding off a great performance. River now sits with 12 points and is one of the leaders, even though several teams have yet to play this matchday. River’s next match will take place on Wednesday, for the Argentine Cup, against Racing Córdoba in Santiago del Estero.