River nominated for a TikTok Award in 2023 The award winner will be voted for by TikTok users, and River has been nominated for the category “Crack de Cracks” (Greatest of All).

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As another nod to the growth achieved and the work done in the digital realm, River was nominated for the 2023 TikTok Awards that will take place on January 31st in Mexico City.

In the 2nd TikTok Awards ceremony, awards will be given to the best content creators on the platform where River is leading in terms of interactions among other clubs from Argentina, and is also one of the clubs with the most engagement in the Americas.

River Plate was nominated for the category Crack de Cracks (Greatest of All), together with various clubs and sports federations from all over the continent.

In the first week of voting, which has already started and will end on January 22nd, the audience will be able to vote for 10 creators from each category. The following week (January 23rd-31st), the community will be able to vote for the final five shortlisted per award category.