River loses at home on Matchday 5 At the Mâs Monumental Stadium, despite having created several goal scoring situations, the team managed by Martín Demichelis lost 2-1 against Arsenal.

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River quickly took the lead, even though Arsenal had threatened with a header that Franco Armani was able to save comfortably. Nacho Fernández tapped the ball to Lucas Beltrán, the forward struck a cross, and José Paradela appeared alone by the far post to set the score at 1-0. In the next play, the midfielder was very close to scoring the second goal: a feint and a left-footed shot that went just wide of Alejandro Medina’s right corner.

Paradela had the third chance, with a shot that went high, and Armani outdid himself blocking a low shot from Lautaro Guzmán. Before the end of the first half, the team managed by Martín Demichelis had three more chances to widen the lead: a right-footed shot from Beltrán that was deflected by the keeper up into the air, a header from Nacho Fernández, and an exquisite shot from Pablo Solari that went just wide of Arsenal’s goal.

At the start of the second half, Arsenal threatened with an overlapping run on the left-hand side and a shot from Flabián Londoño, which went just wide of Armani's right post. Then, River threatened twice: a header from Salomón Rondón, which deflected away, off a cross from the right-hand side, and a low right-footed shot from Beltrán, saved by Medina. Near the 65th minute, Guzmán scored a penalty and set the score at 1-1.

Arsenal had another chance, but Armani reacted excellently to a shot from Braian Romero from outside the box, preventing the away team from scoring again. River created another situation involving an individual move by Rondón and a left-footed shot from Nicolás De La Cruz, which Medina was able to save. On another clear chance, De La Cruz sent a long cross, Miguel Borja collected it, and Nacho struck a right-footed shot that was also blocked by Medina. In the counterattack, Arsenal set the score at 2-1 with a shot from Luis Leal, off a cross from the left-hand side.

River kept trying until the end, but failed to even the score. Having lost, it sits with 9 points in the championship. The team will now focus on the next matchday, when they will play against Lanús, on Saturday.