River introduces backup players

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On Tuesday, Jorge Brito and Marcelo Gallardo visited River’s field in Ezeiza to attend the event where Rodrigo Aliendro, Miguel Borja, and Pablo Solari were officially introduced.

At the event, President Jorge Brito welcomed the media outlets at River Camp: “The most important thing is for our people to meet the true protagonists, which are the players.”

Statements by the players

Rodrigo Aliendro -“I’ve had several opportunities, but being called up by Marcelo was very important. I’m very happy to be here and I hope to meet the Club’s standards. The fact that there are quality people here is essential for the team to stay on this path and achieve the goals.” -“It's the greatest challenge for me. The Cup match hit us hard, but we played a good match against Barracas Central. I’m still a long way away from the performance that I want to deliver.” -“The road to get here was long and I’m enjoying the moment. I appreciate it and hope I can be up to scratch.”

Miguel Borja -“I feel great. These days have been very special to me, we’ve been working hard with the team and the coach.” -“We know all about the history that made an impact on the Colombian players. Not so long ago I spoke to Borre, and he told me that River was a very solid club, made up of very humble people.” -“Playing here comes with a great responsibility, to everyone.” They gave me confidence and I hope to make the most of it.” -“Julian has left a mark, but I mainly focus on what I can contribute with. We are an excellent group that can make history.” -“The rhythm of play is something else here, and it makes the difference at an international level.”

Pablo Solari -“Being called up was a very emotional moment. It’s very exciting to get such an important career opportunity. I really appreciate River. I’m very happy and it’s a source of pride for me and my family. I hope I can rise to the challenge.” -“I've enjoyed these last few days to the fullest, it’s been my dream since I was a child. It’s an enormous source of pride.” -“To play for River is everything I could have wanted, I’m proud of all the sacrifices I made to get to this point.”