River fails to beat Sarmiento Marcelo Gallardo's team had a good first half, but failed to score while its rival was effective on the few chances it got: Junin won 2-1 on Matchday 11 of the Professional Football League.

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While River dominated the game at the beginning, the team failed to threaten the rival goal, slowly creating goal scoring opportunities. Miguel Borja tried first, with a right-footed shot from outside the box, and David Martinez followed suit with a left-footed shot that was saved by Sebastian Meza on his left goalpost. Agustin Palavecino struck a long-range shot, but his shot was off target.

River kept trying, got together in the attack and was very close to opening the scoring following an excellent collective play, but Palavecino’s low cross failed to find a teammate who could take a shot. Elias Gomez also had a chance with a long-range shot. In spite of this, Sarmiento set the score at 1-0 on its first scoring chance, with a low shot from Guido Mainero. River could have evened the score, but on a set piece toward the end of the first half, the rival team set the score at 2-0 with a shot from Federico Andueza.

River went for the goal with a few changes to the team. Before the 55th minute, Gallardo's team had a very clear chance, but Jose Paradela was not able to control a very good pass from Santiago Simon in the box. Sarmiento almost widened the lead thanks to a shot from Mainero, but his shot smashed against Armani’s right goalpost, going along the goal line and out. Juan Quintero came onto the field and, in the first chance he got, he took a free kick that deflected off Meza’s left goalpost.

Nicolas De La Cruz tried from outside the box, but his right-footed shot went wide of the goal after being deflected. River had a corner kick and evened the score: Quintero sent an on-target cross to Emanuel Mammana, who won the header by the near post. Not long after, River’s No. 10 struck a long-range left-footed shot that went just wide of Sarmiento's left goalpost.

River gave it its all until the end, despite the repeated pauses, but failed to even the score, thus breaking its streak of adding by three to be among the top teams. On Sunday, River will visit Independiente in Avellaneda, for the next matchday.