River evened the score playing for the League Cup in La Boca El Millonario drew 1-1 in a very tight match: Palavecino evened the score thanks to a header and was close to turning the match around, but Franco Armani was also vital.

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River clearly dominated in the opening minutes of the super classic match. The first dangerous plays were set up, taking advantage of the rival’s carelessness at the back. Jorge Carrascal didn’t get to the ball after a bad clearance by Boca and Rafael Borré fired a high shot after a ball recovery in the attack. In another play, Nicolás De La Cruz made a scoring attempt from outside the area, but the shot was deflected.

The Uruguayan player was the protagonist of another shot on goal off a pass from Agustín Palavecino. The clearest opportunity came out of a long-range shot headed downwards by Matías Suárez for River’s No. 11, but De La Cruz’s shot on goal was blocked inside the goal area by Lisandro López, after a bad clearance by Esteban Andrada.

Franco Armani was stunning in a one-on-one against Carlos Tevez. In the following play, Nicolás Capaldo was awarded a penalty kick and Sebastián Villa fired a low shot towards the middle, setting the score at 1-0. River had one more chance before the end, by means of an overlapping run by De La Cruz on the right side and a cross that none of his teammates were in the right position to catch.

Boca was close to widening the lead in the opening minutes of the second half, but River managed to control the game and went looking for the draw. De La Cruz made some attempts and there was a good collective play in which Rafael Borré wasn’t able to set up Suárez with a backheel. Then, Armani made three other stunning saves against Tevez, Villa, and Maroni.

De La Cruz tried from outside the area again. However, the relief came after a great cross from Angileri and a crossed header by Agustín Palavecino, who set the score at 1-1 in his first super classic match. El Millonario capitalized on Carlos Zambrano’s dismissal and Angileri almost scored the second goal, but his shot was blocked by Andrada.

In the last few minutes, River didn’t manage to win in a fortuitous play: after Federico Girotti made a good run up the right side of the field, his cross was deflected by the defenders and left the keeper badly positioned, but the ball bounced weirdly on the line and Bruno Zuculini failed to strike it.

El Más Grande, that has accrued seven points in its League Cup zone, will face Godoy Cruz next Saturday in Mendoza.