River ends tournament with a win over Racing Marcelo Gallardo’s team won 2-1 in Avellaneda: the home team was winning 1-0, but River turned the match around with two goals from Miguel Borja.

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The starting minutes were intense, with few shots on goal; however, there were some comings and goings, and both teams had clear chances to open the scoring. Racing threatened River first, with a free kick from Matias Rojas that was well saved by Franco Armani, followed by a powerful shot from Eugenio Mena against the near post. In turn, River responded with a shot on goal from Andres Herrera, who ran up the right hand side all alone and struck a low shot that was saved by Gabriel Arias.

Gallardo’s team had two great chances at Miguel Borja’s feet: first, Arias blocked Borja’s shot with his left foot; then, the Colombian player struck a shot from the ground that was also blocked by Arias. Armani also reacted excellently to a header from Anibal Moreno off a corner kick. Carlos Alcaraz had the last chance of the first half: assist to Johan Carbonero, feint in the box, and a high left-footed shot.

Within the first minute of the second half, Racing ran quickly up field off an attack by River, and Enzo Copetti struck a crossed right-footed shot that was saved by Armani; later, the River Plate keeper blocked a left-footed shot from Carbonero, thanks to one of the posts. On a long pass, Javier Pinola committed a foul on Copetti, and Rojas sent the ball into the goal’s upper right corner, setting the score at 1-0. River evened the score with a goal from Borja, culminating a great collective play.

The end of the match had it all: Racing was awarded another penalty, but Armani blocked Jonatan Galvan’s low shot. In stoppage time, when the match was coming to a close, Borja struck a crossed left-footed shot, following a series of rebounds, and set the score at 2-1, sealing the win for River. River finished third on the tournament, with 47 points, as a result of 14 wins and 5 draws.