River beats Platense at the Mâs Monumental stadium With goals from Nico De La Cruz and Matias Suarez, Marcelo Gallardo’s team has claimed its fourth consecutive win (2-1), securing its qualification for the 2023 CONMEBOL Libertadores.

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Within the first minute, following a foul on the rival side of the field, Platense set up the first dangerous play; however, Franco Armani was quick to come off his line and save the free kick. Then, River took over the match and, with an active Juan Quintero making precise shots, started to threaten Platense. First, River’s No. 10 set up Nico De La Cruz with a great pass, but the Uruguayan player tapped a cross to Miguel Borja, who was in offside position.

Quintero and Borja repeated the formula used in previous matches: a good filtered pass following a feint to player No. 9, who failed to toe-poke the ball. In another great combination play between Esequiel Barco and Quintero, De La Cruz received the ball and struck a right-footed shot. The best chance of the first half fell to Agustin Palavecino: he struck a powerful shot that deflected off Gaston Suso, almost setting the score at 1-0. Toward the end, Borja failed to receive a cross from Andres Herrera coming from the right-hand side.

In the second half, near the 60th minute, River took the lead thanks to a quick run up the field and a clearance error by Platense: Barco reacted quickly and tapped the ball to De La Cruz, who also struck it in turn, following a deflection, setting the score at 1-0. In the next play, the Uruguayan midfielder had a very clear chance to score the second goal, but Platense’s keeper, Ledesma, made a low save on his shot. Nonetheless, Matias Suarez collected a rebound off a shot from Lucas Beltran, setting the score at 2-0.

In one of Platense’s few attacking plays, Mauro Zarate collected a crossbar rebound off a shot from Vicente Taborda and scored, reducing the deficit. River kept going for the third goal and had a clear chance at Suarez’s feet; however, Ledesma made a good save on his shot struck with the inside of his right foot. Barco had a chance with a free kick that went just wide of the keeper’s right corner.

Thus, River has claimed its fourth consecutive win, securing its qualification for next year’s CONMEBOL Libertadores. For the remainder of the PFL championship, River will play against Rosario Central, at the Mâs Monumental stadium, and Racing, in Avellaneda.