River and adidas sign the best contract in Argentine football

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On Saturday, November 27th, Club Atletico River Plate agreed to a six-year extension of its contract with adidas as official apparel supplier, binding them until December 2027. This extension, representing 45 years of on-going relationship, seals the best technical sponsorship deal in Argentine football.

The signing was attended by Rodolfo D’Onofrio (River's President), Jorge Brito (1st Vice President), Ignacio Villarroel (General Secretary), and Pablo Lamo (CEO of adidas Argentina).

Since the beginning of its relationship with River in 1982, adidas has designed more than 85 jerseys, most of which are still remembered by River Plate fans because of the titles won during that time, both at the national and international levels.

Over time, adidas has established itself as a symbol within River's identity thanks to teamwork and a list of achievements. The brand’s outreach is evidenced by its wide range of sports products and apparel, training apparel, accessories, and shoes. At the same time, it is worth highlighting the increase in the consumption of women-oriented products supporting women’s participation in sports.

adidas has been present in Argentina for 40 years and it currently leads the production and commercialization of sports shoes and apparel. It is deeply committed to the development of sport in the country.