Once more, River was there for those most in need On Wednesday, July 3rd, the Club welcomed homeless people and opened its doors so that they could sleep in the karate gym. Besides, donations of warm clothes and blankets were collected.

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Due to the low temperatures recorded in the last few days, Club Atlético River Plate, together with Red Solidaria, organised an action so that homeless people could spend the night in the club’s facilities, with heating and food.

From 6 pm, the doors to the visiting team bus sector were open to welcome the donations of warm clothes and blankets. Then, dinner was served and the karate gym was set up so that they could spend the night there.

The event, which transcended football and received wide national media coverage, was attended by Jorge Brito (1st Vice-president), Stefano Di Carlo (2nd Vice-president), Ignacio Villarroel (Secretary), Juan Carr (Red Solidaria) and River’s senior staff members Gabriel Di Girolamo and Rodrigo Daskal.

Besides, the Club’s Security and Infrastructure areas’ efforts to ensure everything was well organised were noteworthy.

“Since yesterday afternoon, 242 people have come by and 103 have slept here. There were many families and about 50 volunteers. We know 70% of those who came: we have been receiving donations all day,” Juan Carr expressed. “We’ve received calls from other institutions such as Vélez, Platense and Estudiantes de Buenos Aires to try to do something similar,” he added.