Jorge Brito has met with some of the Club’s outstanding sportspeople River’s 1st Vice-president talked to the representatives of different sports played in the Club.

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On Monday, June 3rd, River’s 1st Vice-president, Jorge Brito, welcomed some of the Club’s outstanding sportspeople at the River Museum to talk about the activities carried out and the achievements earned in the first half of the year.

Together with the President of River Plate’s Sports Department, Federico Ferreyra, Brito congratulated the youngsters and transmitted his intention to support their professional growth, and making himself available to accompany them during the next competitions.

Present at the meeting were:

Candela Urso – Rhythmic Gymnastics (who has just returned after getting great results in a European tournament and now seeks to qualify for the Lima 2019 Pan-Am Games.)

Manuel Balague – Volleyball (player for the Men’s Division de Honor (the top level) and for the Argentina National Volleyball Team.)

Juani Núñez – Water polo (U15 national champion and player for the national youth teams.)

Nicolas Ricci – Adaptive swimming (Multiple medallist in the South American Championship and participant of the Lima 2019 Pan-Am Games.)

Nahuel Saldaña – Roller hockey

Flavio Rajzakowski – Volleyball

Ceferino Paniagua and Facundo Wolinsky - Basketball

Macarena Rodríguez, Juana Castellaro Morello, Candela Fernández Crocco and Benjamina Bernigaud Dornacú (Hockey).