Great victory in La Plata to keep the lead River Plate stood strong against Estudiantes: it won 2-0, with goals by Rafael Borré and Matías Suárez, and remains the only leader of the Superleague.

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After a beginning in which both teams measured each other up, River was the one which took the initiative and started threatening, mainly on the right side with good interventions by Gonzalo Montiel. The home team disturbed River by means of a shot by Nahuel Estévez which bounced on Robert Rojas. Mateo Retegui also tried from the outside.

The first clear opportunity for el Millionario was a center pass by Montiel and a crossed header by Rafael Borré. Estudiantes was close by means of an amazing shot by Estévez which hit the junction of Armani’s left goalpost and crossbar. However, River stroke in the next play: Borré was paying attention, caught a ball and faced Mariano Andújar: his low right-footed shot went in slowly and became the first goal.

From then onwards, River became even more of a protagonist: Casco set Borré up for a goal, but this time the Colombian player couldn’t get comfortable. In another play, Montiel had a very clear chance: he fired a crossed shot with his right foot, which was very close to the goalpost. Matías Suárez, restless and active in the attack, stood very well to receive a long pass from Casco, but he fired a weak left-footed shot.

At the beginning of the second half, Estudiantes had a clear chance on Retegui’s head, but River’s goalkeeper made a good save where he was standing. Nacho Fernández wanted to score by means of a shot at the edge of the area, but Andújar saved it. Then, Estudiantes’ goalkeeper controlled a long shot by Montiel. In another play, Suárez almost sent a good center shot by Borré into the net.

The second goal was scored after River was clearly dominating: el Millionario cornered Estudiantes, didn’t let it attack, and Suárez set the score 2-0 after a good low center pass from Nacho Fernández. River wasn’t disturbed, controlled the game and added a new victory, which keeps it as leader of the Superleague with a three-point lead, and six points still to be contested. Next matchday, River will welcome Defensa y Justicia at the Monumental Stadium.

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