Cooperation agreement between the Chancellery and River On Friday, October 23rd, Rodolfo D’Onofrio and Chancellor Felipe Solá took part in the signing of the agreement.

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The cooperation agreement reached between the Chancellery and Club Atlético River Plate aims at jointly coordinating activities focused on promoting Argentina abroad, by leveraging the network of embassies and consulates found all around the world.

Felipe Solá said: “We want to take Argentine culture to all parts of the world, and nothing represents us better than our passion for football and the love for our jersey’s colors. This sport is part of both Argentine and world cultures, and it allows nations to get closer. We want large clubs, which are the ones with subsidiaries abroad, to help us accomplish the task of increasing Argentine people’s capacity to feel at home when they are abroad.” It is worth noting that the Chancellery signed the same agreement with Boca Juniors.

For his part, Rodolfo D’Onofrio expressed: “We have to make the most of this moment to lay the foundations, by means of this agreement, for promoting River, and therefore Argentine football, abroad once everything goes back to normal.”

The signing took place in the presence of Guillermo Justo Chaves (the Chancellery’s Chief of Staff), María Inés Monzó (the Chancellery’s Undersecretary of Legal and Institutional Affairs), Conrado Carrasco Quintana (Head of Intermediate Organizations and Public Diplomacy) and Stefano Di Carlo (River's 2nd Vice-president).

Photo: @CancilleriaARG