CHAMPION OF THE ARGENTINE SUPER CUP! River Plate celebrated in Santiago del Estero: it thrashed Racing 5-0 and did a new lap of honor. Borré, Álvarez, De La Cruz, Miranda (own goal), and Suárez scored the winning goals.

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As it tends to happen in every match, River was the one to take the initiative. While Racing was the first to make a warning with a shot from outside the box by Matías Rojas, el Millonario created several dangerous plays. First, Fabrizio Angileri made a run up the left side and fired a low cross that was rejected by Gabriel Arias. In the following play, which was a counterattack, Jorge Carrascal set up Matías Suárez, but the forward didn’t reach the ball comfortably and wasn’t able to set the score 1-0.

Then, Robert Rojas almost opened the scoring by means of a header and Carrascal tried a long-range shot. River’s No. 10 was the protagonist of another good opportunity, after a feint in the box, but his right-footed shot was stopped. On the right, Suárez set up Nicolás De La Cruz, who fired a powerful shot aimed at the near post, but Arias responded well.

Finally, the first goal was scored thanks to a great header by Rafael Borré off a corner kick. In the end, Racing pressed a bit and had a few chances: Franco Armani showed off against a left-footed shot from Fabricio Domínguez and Tomás Chancalay smashed a shot against el Millonario’s right post. However, at the end of the first half, River was in better shape and dominated the match.

The opening minutes of the second half were balanced and there were few dangerous plays. The first ones were brought about by a free kick by De La Cruz that Robert Rojas wasn’t able to strike and a weak shot by Agustín Palavecino that was saved by Arias. Gallardo sent Julián Álvarez onto the pitch and the forward scored the second goal after only two minutes on the field: a low power shot after a feint.

From then onwards, the goals didn’t stop coming: after a good play by Suárez, De La Cruz fired a low shot. Then, Suárez set up a good play and Leonel Miranda scored an own goal. However, No. 7 finally scored after Julián assisted him on a one-on-one against Arias.

Thus, el Millonario won a new title giving an excellent performance, with great football moments, keeping the same game idea on mind, and being superior from start to finish.

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