An important win at the Monumental Stadium River beat Arsenal 1-0 in a complicated match and is now second in the tournament. El Millonario created many situations, but an own goal settled the win in the second half.

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River entered the field determined to set the pace for the game, and Arsenal sat deep, waiting to counterattack. El Millonario was the star of the first half and created clear chances to take the lead. Some penetrating runs were made from outside by Nicolas De La Cruz (his free kick hit the wall), Agustin Palavecino, and Julian Alvarez, who fired a shot on goal that was saved on the line by Gaston Benavidez.

Arsenal threatened River’s goal with a header by Benavidez, which was saved by Franco Armani. River kept shooting from outside the box. Alejandro Medina reacted well to deny Fabrizio Angileri’s shot, and De La Cruz took a right-footed deflected shot. On another very clear chance, Benjamin Rollheiser smashed a great left-footed shot against the upper right corner of the crossbar. On the last play, Jorge Carrascal struck a low shot that was saved by Medina, down by his near post.

The second half was similar to the first one: River pressed forward and Arsenal sat deep. El Millonario started threatening Arsenal's goal by running up the sides and had a clear chance at Angileri's feet, whose high shot was cleared by Medina. On another good collective play, Alvarez failed to comfortably strike inside the box and, then, Paulo Diaz fired a header that went just wide of the net. Palavecino took a right-footed shot at long range, but it deflected wide.

Matias Suarez came onto the field, trying to leverage his quality of play. He could have set the score at 1-0 when he entered the box, but was denied by Arsenal defenders and failed to shoot comfortably, firing over the bar. After many attacks, el Millonario took the lead thanks to an own goal by Emiliano Mendez, following an overlapping run by Angileri on the left. Toward the end, De La Cruz almost scored the second goal off a great long pass from Enzo Perez.

Thanks to this victory, River has 24 points, getting to second place behind Talleres, which has 26 points. On Saturday, el Mas Grande will visit Central Cordoba in Santiago del Estero to play on the next matchday.

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