River joins "travels for your passion" AerolineasArgentinas signed a convinced with the Club, for which both institutions will collaborate to achieve a level of rapprochement between the fans of the Interior and the Millionaire.

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The event was held the evening on Monday, April 20, at the River Museum, and was signed by the President of River, Rodolfo D"Onofrio, and the President of AerolineasArgentinas, Mariano Recalde.

The agreement will allow a sympathizer and a companion to travel with AerolineasArgentinas from their home to Buenos Aires and, that way, the experience of seeing their team ever it plays in the Monumental. Passengers will be raffled within the community members we are River.

D"Onofrio stressed the importance of this agreement for the club and its fans and importance of bridging the distance between passion and sport: "This expanded agreement, will have two international passages so that we can bring the fans of River worldwide for his team in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana; it"s great to give them the possibility to approach the fans who are in the most remote parts of the country to our stadium and for us is very important to reach this agreement."

Meanwhile, Recalde said: "With this little effort of Airlines and a little effort of River, we will achieve something that is priceless for many fans who may not have access to live the dream is to be in the Monumental.

All persons who wish to join must enter to www.somosriver.com, where they will have to register and pay a monthly membership fee of 65 pesos. In the case of members of River, the registration will be free.

Under the slogan "Wherever you are, we"re River", all fans will be invited to join the community and, in this way, to financially support the Club.

For more information, visit www.somosriver.com, @somosriverok or Facebook/SomosRiverOk